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One Of The Top Manufacturing Companies In Johannesburg

At Exclusive Hydraulics & Engineering, we are here to redefine efficiency through our innovative service exchange services as we are part of the best manufacturing companies in Johannesburg.

Introducing our service exchange program – a testament to our commitment to minimising downtime while maximising performance.

A lineup of robust earthmoving machinery from Exclusive Hydraulics & Engineering, ready for heavy-duty construction work.
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This Is Why

Our Service Exchange Solutions Are Extremely Efficient

Your Downtime’s Nemesis

Downtime is the nemesis of progress. With this in mind, we present our collection of service exchange cylinders and pumps, poised to resurrect your operations with minimal interruption.

Our “PEX Store” stands as a repository of reinvigoration, holding a spectrum of refurbished cylinders and pumps that are ready to step back into action.

Precision In Revival

Our meticulous process makes us one of the best manufacturing companies in Johannesburg and ensures that every cylinder in our “PEX Store” undergoes a revival that is nothing short of surgical.

From refurbishment and assembly to rigorous testing and the final touch of a spray, each element of the revival is a symphony of precision.

Swift Solutions, No Waiting

Ditch the waiting game; our readily available service exchange units are ready for swift integration into your operations.

No delays, no downtime – just efficiency, off the shelf.

Craftsmanship, Conformance, Confidence

We believe we are part of the top manufacturing companies in Johannesburg because each piece bears the hallmark of prescribed standards, tolerances, and manufacturers’ specifications.

With meticulous adherence to quality, our offerings exude confidence, promising performance that aligns with the highest industry benchmarks.

In The Spotlight Is Our Exchange Arsenal

Step into our realm and explore a universe of possibilities. From Bell B50 steering and CAT 777 hoist cylinders to Komatsu 375 blade lift cylinders and beyond, our exchange arsenal transcends variety, addressing the unique needs of diverse machinery.

Johannesburg And Beyond

Our commitment extends beyond Johannesburg, but it begins here. As pioneers in the realm of manufacturing solutions, we are here to transform efficiency, one service exchange at a time.

Hydraulic Cylinder Experts

From design to manufacturing EHE is your trusted partner when it comes to Hydraulic Cylinders. We are specialists in the repair and maintenance on all hydraulic cylinders. We boast a wide range of cylinders in our Service exchange PEX store to minimize your downtime.

This is an image of hydraulic components you can repair at Exclusive Hydraulics & Engineering
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