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Welcome to Exclusive Hydraulics and Engineering (EHE), a name that is thriving in the heart of South Africa since 1997. We are specialists in the repair service and maintenance of hydraulic equipment and components.

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About Us

Specialists in the repair of hydraulics

At EHE, we do not just build hydraulics; we craft reliability, customer delight, and precision. We are a brand and service provider you can trust; therefore, we are not just a destination for hydraulics repairs, manufacturing, and servicing – we are a promise fulfilled.

What ignites our unrelenting growth? It is the fusion of innovation and tradition, wrapped in a steadfast commitment to quality delivery. Our story is etched with the finest threads of Reliability, intertwined with the golden threads of Customer Service. This success is only growing brighter over the years.

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Hydraulic Repairs: Experience Reliability

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Earthmoving Bucket Repairs: Enhance Efficiency

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Manufacturing Solutions: Redefine Craftmanship

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Service Exchange: Elevate Productivity


We Are Part Of The Best Manufacturing Companies In South Africa

Step into our world, where the machinery hums with the rhythm of ingenuity. We do not merely manufacture and repair hydraulic-related products; we orchestrate dreams in the form of cylinders that power industries forward. From valves that channel precision to pumps that breathe life into systems, we sculpt a symphony of functionality.

As a beacon among manufacturing companies in South Africa, our portfolio spans from cylinders that move mountains to valves that control the flow of possibility. Picture bushes, pins, and axles crafted with meticulous care, ready to shoulder the weight of progress. Envision compactor floors, sweeper and packer blades, and hopper floors – all crafted to the tune of expertise and dedication.

Step into EHE – where craftsmanship meets technology, and passion drives performance. Join us as we redefine hydraulics, one innovation at a time. Experience one of the best manufacturing companies in South Africa, where every creation whispers the promise of a future that flows with fluid precision.

Our Work

We Repair & Service A Range Of Equipment

At Exclusive Hydraulics and Engineering (EHE), our expertise extends beyond manufacturing, making us one of the best manufacturing companies in South Africa. Our dedicated team of professionals is here to ensure your equipment operates flawlessly.

Our Repair And Servicing Offerings Include:

Hydraulic Systems

From intricate components to complete systems, we bring hydraulic power back to life.

Earthmoving Machinery

Trust us to breathe new life into bulldozers, excavators, and loaders.

Industrial Equipment

We cater to a wide spectrum of industrial machinery, ensuring they perform at their prime.

Agricultural Machinery

From tractors to harvesters, we keep agricultural equipment running smoothly.

Construction Machinery

Whether it is cranes, concrete pumps, or pavers, we have your back.

Mining Equipment

Count on us to keep your mining operations moving without a hitch.

Hydraulic Cylinders

Industry leading design, manufacturing & repairs to all hydraulic cylinders

Commercial Vehicles

From trucks to buses, we are your partners in keeping commercial fleets on the road.

With our experience and dedication, we are not just repairing equipment; we are nurturing the lifeline of industries. As one of the best manufacturing companies in South Africa, we stand by you every step of the way. Your success is our success.

What We Have?

Unleash Your Mining Potential with Us

If you have been searching for the ‘best manufacturing companies near me,’ then Exclusive Hydraulics and Engineering is your solution. We offer a comprehensive range of hydraulic solutions, including manufacturing, repair, and servicing of hydraulic components. Our expertise spans across various industries, making us a versatile choice for your hydraulic needs.

You can easily reach out to us through the Contact Us page on our website. Feel free to use the provided contact information or the inquiry form to send us your questions or requests, and we will get back to you promptly.

Yes, Exclusive Hydraulics is a local company based in Boksburg, Johannesburg. If you are searching for reputable ‘manufacturing companies near me’ then rest assured, we are offering top-notch hydraulic solutions.

We serve a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, mining, construction, agriculture, transportation, and more. Our expertise allows us to cater to the diverse hydraulic needs of various sectors. This is why we are part of the top manufacturing companies near me Search across Google.

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Hydraulic Cylinder Experts

From design to manufacturing EHE is your trusted partner when it comes to Hydraulic Cylinders. We are specialists in the repair and maintenance on all hydraulic cylinders. We boast a wide range of cylinders in our Service exchange PEX store to minimize your downtime.

This is an image of hydraulic components you can repair at Exclusive Hydraulics & Engineering
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